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Killer Alinea Video

Here's a video shot at Alinea in Chicago that was filmed as the introduction to the Tokyo Taste Summit in early 2009. No words, no descriptions, just dishes being prepared. Some really gorgeous macro photography alongside a great score.

Tom Colicchio's Diet Coke Commercial [video]

Diet Coke Commerical
Last night, Diet Coke aired a new commercial with Tom Colicchio that poked fun at food trends, including tall food, dots and dashes of infused oils, and especially the Alinea-style plating. In the ad titled "Tom Colicchio on Taste," he says:
When it comes to good taste, it's important to know the difference between [...]

Julia Moskin on the Alinea Cookbook

Not counting the pillow-production step (the plate rests on a linen-covered pillow and emits scented air as your spoon dips into the dish), there are 22 subrecipes to make or assemble. Even if I could spare the methylcellulose, the counter space issues shut me down.

The Alinea Cookbook Could Be Better [review]

The new Alinea cookbook (buy at Amazon) is pretty spectacular, but I could like it more.
I love the writing by Jeffrey Steingarten and Michael Nagrant, and it turns out Alinea managing partner Nick Kokonas has a real way with words. But as a book (with pictures and recipes, not just words) I think it's [...]

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