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New Massachusetts Law Helps Allergy Sufferers Help Themselves

Photo by Jennerator
Katherine Mangu-Ward cross-posts to Crispy on the Outside and Hit & Run about a Massachusetts law that requires all restaurateurs to include a note on their menus telling customers to inform their servers if they have any food allergies. As if that's not stupid enough...
There’s also a voluntary program where restaurants can create [...]

Ruhlman Complains About 'Irrational' Allergies, Starts Commenter Shitstorm

Michael Ruhlman, who himself is deathly allergic to nuts, rants about people's "fake" allergies, claiming they "stem from ignorance and fear and a generally food-neurotic culture," and calling all of us "a nation of culinary sissies":
What causes this irrational and senseless belief that our bodies react violently to any number of fruits and vegetables and [...]

Chef Allergic to Water

Hotel chef Andy Laughton, of Horsham, West Sussex, UK, had to quit his job after discovering he was allergic to water:
Mr Laughton started getting itchy hands whenever he was working and soon the itching broke into hives.
The five-star hotel chef started using latex gloves - only to discover he was also allergic to the lanoline [...]

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