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Paula Deen's Beauty Advice in Allure Magazine

In the October 2009 issue of Allure Magazine, there's a sidebar mini-interview with Paula Deen (title: "Southern Comfort") in which we learn about her accidentally burning her fake eyelashes off and a beauty regimen that includes the steam from pots in a kitchen and Chanel creams. Since it isn't available online, here it [...]

Padma Lakshmi Gets Naked for Allure Magazine

Dear Internet, Padma got naked in Allure. Love, EMD.

Cindy Crawford: Rage Against the Bread Machine

Forget avoiding carbs — Cindy Crawford destroys them, with her bare hands, in this photo from Allure magazine.
The caption reads: "'White bread' may be slang for 'innocuous,' but not for your diet." [via]

So, Can Celebrities Cook or What?

In this month's Allure magazine, after ten thousand words on this season's hot new lipcolor, there was, randomly, a page filled with celebrities answeing the question "Can you cook?" Our favorites:
Tim Gunn: I cook all the time. Every night, in fact. I almost never eat out.
Blake Lively: I'm an amazing cook. I love to bake.
Michael [...]

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