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Opinions on Gourmet's Closure by Hesser, Kimball, Kingsly

Now that we're past the mourning phase, everyone is trying to determine what was wrong with Gourmet's model, including Amanda Hesser, Christopher Kimball, and Merri Lee Kingsly:
Forbes op-ed by Amanda Hesser blames the print medium:
Under the stewardship of Reichl, there was nothing wrong with Gourmet's content. What was wrong with the magazine was its medium: [...]

Amanda Hesser to Michelle Obama: Get Back in the Kitchen

In Sunday's New York Times, Amanda Hesser filed a clever, linkbaity, yet infuriating op-ed piece that puts feminism back about 30 years — Hesser wants to put Michelle Obama back in the kitchen and on the talk show circuit to show the nation how to cook. Apparently Obama is the best woman to promote healthy [...]

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