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The Eat Me Daily Fall 2009 Non-Cookbook Preview

While fall truly belongs to the cookbooks, there's still a large selection on deck for the food lovers who are less than kitchen inclined. Along with anthologies from The New York Times (Eat, Memory) and The New Yorker (Secret Ingredients) finally arriving in paperback form, there are numerous reissues of old greats, doorstopper tomes perfect [...]

Offal of the Week: Lungs

Photo by Pharaoh Berger
If it's Friday, it must be Offal of the Week! Brought to you by Ryan Adams, author of the blog Nose to Tail at Home, each week we highlight a different part of the animal that you've always wanted to work with, but were afraid to ask your butcher for. This week: [...]

Jamie Lauren Vs. Eric Ripert's 'Banged-Up' Pans

Still from the Top Chef Le Bernardin episode
Jamie Lauren, Top Chef ejectee, when asked by Andrew Zimmern what it was like doing a challenge in the kitchen at famed New York restaurant Le Bernardin. Lauren defended her elimination on that episode, saying:
Eric Ripert's kitchen was intense and intimidating. I couldn't find anything I needed. [...]

Andrew Zimmern Face Tattoo [wtf]

Ohio-based tattoo artist Ben Hatfield might just be Andrew Zimmern's number one fan. So much so that not only did he get Andrew Zimmern's face tattooed on his leg, but then to make sure he got attention for it, he mailed in pictures to Zimmern. Of course, they got together for an interview:
Zimmern: Many [...]

Andrew Zimmern Hates on Sushi Samba

Andrew Zimmern visited the Chicago location of the chain Sushi Samba, calling it "an outrage if ever there was one." He rails:
This popular Brazilian sushi bar is a knock off of my pal Nobu Matsuhisa’s famous eateries right down to the tiradito and shishito peppers, but every plate at SS is overwrought, lacks [...]

The 'Andrew Zimmern Ate My Balls' Website

While Andrew Zimmern isn't talking trash about Tyler Florence or shilling for Pepto Bismol, he's eating balls. That is, according to the "Andrew Zimmern Ate My Balls" website, all he really seems to do.

Cable Food Celebrity Catfight: Tyler Florence vs Andrew Zimmern [scandal]

2009 is starting out right! There's some trash talk going on between Andrew Zimmern and Tyler Florence online, ending with Florence pleading for "an end to Chef on Chef violence in '09."
It all started with Andrew Zimmern, of Bizarre Foods, not happy with Tyler Florence's appearance on the latest episode of Momma's Boys, he blogged:
[The [...]

Andrew Zimmern Teams Up With Pepto Bismol

No food company in their right minds would team up with Andrew Zimmern, the expert at eating weird foodstuffs — Would you want the face of your brand to be the guy who actively seeks out fermented testicles?
So, in a fitting match, Andrew Zimmern has paired up with Pepto Bismol, becoming their "international [...]

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