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Guy Fieri Parody on Saturday Night Live: 'Cooking Al Fresco' [video]

Bobby Moynihan's parody of Guy Fieri in which he mugs and shouts at the camera was the highlight of last night's Saturday Night Live. In the “Cooking Al Fresco” segment, birds dive-bomb the TV chefs for bread and dip it in marinara sauce ("they're foodies!" Andy Samberg yells). Ultimately the birds turn on Guy Fieri, [...]

Saturday Night Live: I'm on a Boat Digital Short (uncensored) [video, SNL]

Last night, Saturday Night Live aired the latest digital short by the Lonely Island, "I'm on a Boat," where Andy Samberg finds a prize in a cereal box for a free boat ride for three. Logically, he takes Akiva Schaffer and T-Pain. And they cook hamburgers: "I got my swim trunks / and my flippy-floppies [...]

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