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The Speak n' Brew: The Talking Coffee Maker [video]

Ever wished you could talk to your kitchen appliances? Me neither, but now you can! Primula has released the Speak n’ Brew, a talking coffeemaker that rivals Rosie from The Jetsons. It couldn’t be more unnecessary, but yet somehow it appeals to the robot-loving 80s kid inside all of us.
With the bold claim that "Getting [...]

Gordon Ramsay's Sexy New Appliances from Argos

Photos via Telegraph
Gordon Ramsay's new line of appliances by Argos are just so damned sexy: rugged, handsome, brushed stainless steel. Maybe it's the well-executed product photography that's deceiving us, but they look heavy. And expensive.
And that's because they are! At £89.99 (~$143) for the sandwich griddle. £149.99 (~$238) for the mini oven, £199.99 (~$317) for [...]

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