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Wired's Contest to Make Art From Starbucks Junk

Wired magazine has a contest to see what people can make out stuff from Starbucks. People are asked upload images and their instructions, to be featured in an online gallery at a later date. The competition seems stiff, with the example above by Wired contributing photographer Dan Winters, a Star Wars TIE Fighter built out [...]

Banksy's Village Petstore & Charcoal Grill [video]

Notcot's got some great HD video of Bansky's Village Petstore & Charcoal Grill installation in New York. Animatronics! Swimming fishsticks! Chicken nuggets hatching! Wriggling Sausages! Show ends October 31st.

The EatStreet Font, a Font Made Out of Food [video]

Check out the EatStreet font, a font built entirely out of food, using fruit, vegetables, meat, noodles, and even kimchi. Made by the Chank Company, a Minneapolis-based type house, the download even comes with a folder of full-color food-letter jpegs to design with. There's even a video documenting part of the process.

Slurp & Shuck

Lately I've been thinking that all I really need in life is an incredibly vaginal abstract print based around an image of Wellfleet oysters and strings of pearls.

Somewhat unclear on why the full poster demands that the participants in the Wellfleet Oyster Festival should "SPEAK english," since bivalve slurping is a beautiful song sung [...]

Poster Boy Mashes Up McDonald's and Usain Bolt [Food Art]

[via Animal NY]

Mars Brûlée [Food Art]

Mental Floss, brilliance.

Kernel Sanders Slam Dunk [Food Art]

Kernel Sanders gets some air.

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