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Cookbook for Expectant Mothers Recalled

A cookbook for pregnant women, The Happy Baby Cookbook from Australian Women's Weekly, is being recalled in New Zealand and Australia due to concerns over its nutritional recommendations. The New Zealand Food Safety Authority takes issue with certain recipes in the book that contain ingredients that "food safety officials believe could harm a woman or [...]

Scientists Discover Sixth Taste: Fat

Photograph by Plate of Wander
Australian scientists have recently discovered that humans can actually taste fat, and those who are more sensitive to its flavor tend to eat less of it, and have lower BMIs. This is different from the texture of fat in foods such as ice cream, which is associated with a richer mouth-feel. [...]

Animated Infographic Commercial for Little Bites Muffins

This lovely commercial for Little Bites Muffins (prepackaged muffin tops) out of Australia uses a retro-ish infographic style and even takes digs at America: "Every year, muffins have been getting bigger and bigger. Over in America, muffin enlargement have even further gone out of control. Here at the Ministry of Muffins, studies show people really [...]

Mona Lisa Made from 3,604 Coffee Cups

Photo via Gilles Gravier on Flickr
Back in July, at the Aroma Festival at The Rocks in Sydney, Australia (an annual coffee festival), organizers used 3,604 cups of coffee — four shades using different amounts of coffee and milk — to make a replica of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Here's a stop-motion video showing the [...]

What's That Taste in My Mouth? THE FUTURE [video]

This commercial for Carlton Natural Blonde Beer is by far one of the most awesome things we've seen in a while (and trust us, we see a lot). According to the commercial, the Australian future includes levitation suits with a laser-beam attachment for your hands, pogo running gear, friendly robot handshakes, and praying to a [...]

Yobbos in Oz Move To Ban Vegemite

Ripping a page out of Mike Bloomberg's how-to-build-a-nanny-state playbook, a preventative health task force in Australia is reportedly taking aim at the nation's bonzer brekkie spread, the salty, savory, pungent brown paste known as Vegemite (comprised almost exclusively of yeast extract and salt, yum!)
Though Vegemite is owned by U.S.-based Kraft, it's considered one of Australian's [...]

The Megadeath Burger, the World's Hottest Burger [video]

A Current Affair files a report on the Megadeath burger — the "world's hottest burger" — from the burger joint "Off the Wall Burger" in Wellington Point, near Brisbane, Australia. I love that they interview a dietician who says, "This is a food item that actually should not be on the market."


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