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Parenting Advice from SFGate [beer reviews]

Photograph via 9gag.
Out west, they start 'em young: SFGate's parenting blog The Poop somewhat oddly, somewhat awesomely has a review of the new 7-Eleven beer, Game Day. Oh, goody, what words of wisdom does SFGate have for Bay Area parents to bestow upon the drinkers of tomorrow?

"It was once strongly suggested by my bosses not [...]

The National Baby Food Festival in Fremont, Michigan

Photos via
Look out, Aspen and South Beach: Fremont, Michigan, home of the Gerber Products Company, kicks off its National Baby Food Festival today. Events include competitive baby food-making and (our favorite) an adults-eating-baby-food contest in which two-person teams are blindfolded and forced to feed one another various fruit purees.
Beyond the requisite parades, beauty queens, [...]

'Baby Lager Louts'

The UK's Good Pub Guide defines "baby lager louts" as "badly behaved children running around [pubs] unchecked." [via Observer UK]

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