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Bacon Double Cheeseburger Tattoo

Photograph by EvilLittleBlue
This is by far the most realistic cheeseburger tattoo we've come across thus far — just take a look at those sesame seeds! We love that it lacks all condiments and stays true to the whole "meat, cheese, more meat, bacon thing." Kind of reminds us of Wendy's Baconator.

Big Deals: Creators of the Bacon Explosion Writing a Book

In what might be the first instance of a food meme to land a book deal, Publisher's Marketplace (reg required) reports the mind-boggling news that Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, better known as the inventors of gastrobomb (and New York Times article subject) The Bacon Explosion, have landed a six-figure book deal. Beth Wareham at [...]

Jon Stewart Eats a Blueberry Pancake-Wrapped Sausage on a Stick, Dipped in Baconnaise Light [video]

In Republican Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal's response to Barack Obama's speech to Congress, he kept repeating that "Americans can do anything." On last night's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart proved just that — by eating a blueberry pancake-wrapped sausage on a stick, dipped in Baconnaise Light. Stewart says, "I think my tongue just took a [...]

The Pork Flowed Like Wine at Cochon 555 [New York City events]

The Del Posto team chopped faster than our shutter speed
It's been a few hours since I've been home from yesterday's Cochon 555 (website) in New York, and my hair still smells like pork. No joke: The smell hit us like a greasy, meaty wall as soon as we entered the Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime [...]

Bacon (Bits) Can Kill

3,590 pounds of bacon bits have been recalled because of concerns that the products may be contaminated with listeria monocytogenes, reports the Nation's Restaurant News.
The products were produced by the firm Patrick Cudahy in Cudahy, Wis., on Nov. 13, and were distributed to restaurants and foodservice institutions in California, Colorado, Florida, South Dakota, Texas and [...]

Bacon iPhone Case Production Behind-the-Scenes [video]

You know that bacon has really hit the big time when Reuters gets in on the hype: They've tracked down the makers of the iPhone bacon case. After being written about on Gizmodo, sales went through the roof. Here's a crazy behind-the-scenes look at Antje Schmitt, from southern Germany, making the cases in her kitchen [...]

Bacon Painting by Cindy Wright [food art]

"Baconcube 1," Cindy Wright, 2003, oil on canvas, 51 1/4 x 53 inches
The above is a painting, of bacon, by Cindy Wright, a Belgian artist who lives and works in Antwerp.

Baconfish by hamburgerpanda [food art]

Hamburgerpanda on Etsy describes this print of the baconfish as so: "This is the fish that bacon would come from, if bacon came from fish." 25 bucks!

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