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Bacon Doughnuts in the News [video]

On November 21st, Los Angeles' CBS 2 News ran a feature on the Nickel Diner's bacon doughnuts (that they spelled "donuts"). Love that they interviewed someone called "Winter Rosebud."

The Wall of Bacon [photo]

Photograph by fbrinsley
A wall of bacon, from the Hardcore Meat Photography group on Flickr.

Freakonomics: Bacon Defies Rational Choice

Justin Wolfers of the Freakonomics blog manages to turn bacon ice cream into a lesson on rational choice:
Bacon: Delicious! Ice cream: My favorite! The combination of bacon and ice cream: a direct threat to my views of economics.
You see, every bite was awful. It wasn’t even really good bacon; it was cheap bacon bits scattered [...]

Metallica Loves Bacon

The Smoking Gun has Metallica's catering rider, and one of the requested items, all in caps, repeated three times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, reads:

The Bacon Section of the Grocery Store

Photograph by The Goat Whisperer
Spotted in the Bacon Flickr Pool. Entitled "My Kind of Store." People had their priorities straight back in the 1970s, singing the praises of bacon with two-foot-tall block letters. I yearn for simpler, more honest times now that there's fake, vegetarian bacon.

The BBB: Bacon Bacon Bacon Sandwich

The Food Geek invents the Bacon Bacon Bacon sandwich:
I have invented a new sandwich. It takes all of the best things of the BLT sandwich, namely the bacon, bread, and mayonnaise, a.k.a. all of the non-vegetably things, and threw out the rest. And thus I give you: The BBB Sandwich!
What was I when I [...]

Morningstar Veggie Bacon Strips [review]

My original intention was to to do a compare/contrast between bacon and fake bacon. Actual pork belly vs. soy-composite vegetarian bacon. Totally an unfair fight at first glance, but I went into it with an open mind. How bad could the fake stuff be?
The fake bacon is worse than you can possibly imagine.

First impressions: [...]

Bacon Beats Fries

In other news, bacon beat fries in Colorado's 14th district. Antibaconstablishmentarianism is starting to look like 2008's Republicans. [via]

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