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People Talking on Bananas [single serving sites]

Sure, why not? The tumbelog People Talking on Bananas presents just that: Photographs of people talking on bananas. Get these people a book deal. [via Gawker]

Retro Recipes: Banana Meat Loaf, 1941

Photograph: Stephanie Butler / Eat Me Daily
Welcome to Retro Recipes! Brought to you from the capable kitchen of Eat Me Daily's Stephanie Butler, each week revisits a preparation from the past that straddles the line between ingenious and absurd. This week: Banana Meat Loaf.
I am forever indebted to a certain reader of Retro Recipes, who [...]

Open a Banana Like a Monkey [video]

This sort of blew our minds a little: Here's a how-to video of how to open a banana like a monkey. We humans have been opening bananas wrong all along! The guys gets bonus points for wearing monkey pajamas.

Peter Sagal, Host of NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, Tweets About Stealing Bananas from Airport Lounge, Gets Busted

Peter Sagal, the host of NPR's Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me told the world about his pilfering of bananas from a United Airlines lounge when he tweeted: "Another day, another Red Carpet Club, another shocking number of bananas stuffed into my bag."

Banana Peel Installation by Adriana Lara at the New Museum's 'The Generational: Younger Than Jesus' Show [food art]

'Installation (Banana Peel)', Adriana Lara, 2008. View larger.
On display at the New Museum in New York City is Adriana Lara's "Installation (Banana Peel)," as part of the show "The Generational: Younger Than Jesus," the museum's new triennial survey of contemporary art.
For the banana peel installation, a museum employee is instructed to eat a banana each [...]

CT Scans of Food at Radiology Art

CT scan of a McDonald's Big Mac sandwich.
The website Radiology Art uses a GE CT scanner to take three-dimensional scans of everyday objects, going so far as offering Quicktime movies of the object rotating 360 degrees. They describe it as "a project dedicated to the deeper visualization of various objects that hold unique cultural importance [...]

The Jogging Banana from Prospect Park [video]

Our eyes lit up on Monday when OTBKB posted a picture of a jogging banana in Prospect Park. Likened to a Bigfoot sighting, most would assume this was a bizarre, one-time prank. But whoah, some enterprising people got up super-early Sunday morning in 18 degree weather and actually caught up with Shawn Shawn, aka the [...]

Bananas Glow Blue Under Blacklight

You can tell a banana is ripe because it's bright yellow, right? Or you could use a black light and see if they're blue:
scientists were amazed to find that ripe bananas glowed blue under UV light (you have to wonder if someone accidently threw a banana peel under a UV light, or if they screened [...]

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