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Obamitas: Yes We Can Have Chocolate Cookies With the Likeness of Barack Obama

All photographs via
The public option might be dead, wars continues to be waged, and ten percent unemployment persists, but at least we can console ourselves with the thought of Obamitas, the artisanal chocolate cookies out of Spain that feature the likeness of President Barack Obama. And we take no joy in telling you this, [...]

Activists Want Lemonade, Not Beer at White House Beer Summit

Religious temperance crazies are going to picket the White House, asking President Barack Obama to opt for lemonade instead of beer when he meets today with Sgt. James Crowley and Henry Louis Gates Jr, reports The Washington Post.
The protest is organized by Rocky Twyman, the pastor of Rising Sun Baptist Church of Baltimore and founder [...]

The Obama Menu: Dining with Barack Obama [book review]

We got our hands on The Obama Menu: Dining with Barack Obama (yeah, it's at Amazon), and, in a word, whoa. Sorry, TCB Cafe Publishing/Taste TV, but is this a joke? The book is constructed from dozens and dozens of uncredited photos, screengrabs from YouTube, a random smattering of quotes, and menus and photos from [...]

Obama Goes to Five Guys [video]

Last night on NBC's broadcast of Inside the Obama White House, Brian Williams goes with Barack Obama on an "OTR," an off-the-record, off-campus trip to an undisclosed burger location (that turns out to be Five Guys) to pick up burgers for the White House staff. Amazing footage.
NBC also posted some unaired footeage online: After riding [...]

Book Alert: The Obama Menu: Dining with Barack Obama

A press release informed us of the newly-released book The Obama Menu: Dining with Barack Obama published by TasteTV (buy at Amazon). Looking like some sort of epic cut-and-paste blog post, the book compiles menus, photos, quotes, and recipes for dishes that Obama might have eaten:
The campaign's famous fundraising and "person-to-person" dinners took place in [...]


Forget all that KFC/Oprah business, the political blogs have all been aflutter the past couple of days over what's being called Dijongate.
Apparently MSNBC is embroiled in some sort of Obama-loving media conspiracy for editing out the audio when Obama ordered a hamburger just at the moment when he asked for Dijon mustard. Scandalous!
Read the insanely [...]

Obama's Inauguration Could Turn Into a White House Food Fight

The LA Times points out that if Barack Obama takes his all-things-Abe-Lincoln inaugural theme too far, he'll have a food fight on his hands. Here's what happened at Lincoln's inaugural ball:
When the grand supper was announced, after several hours of dancing, the crowd rushed the table and people began grabbing, pushing and stuffing themselves shamelessly. [...]

Regina Schrambling on Obama's Decision to Keep Cristeta Comerford as White House Chef

Cristeta Comerford, the current and future White House Chef
President-elect Barack Obama decided not to replace Cristeta Comerford, the current White House Chef, disregarding the (loud and persistent) advice of Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters, and Danny Meyer. Regina Schrambling suggests that there might have more to it:
I’m not so encouraged to read that the agent of [...]

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