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Sierra Nevada Turns Waste from Beer-Brewing Process Into Fuel

Photograph by Phillie Casablanca
Is there no end to what beer can do? The miracle nectar dulls our pain, makes lions of mice, and turns dull soccer matches into those amusing affairs you see on Most Shocking Videos — and now it powers our cars!
The Sacramento Business Journal reports that California’s Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has [...]

California Man Sells Daughter for 100 Cases of Beer and 'Several Cases of Meat'

In the needs-no-embellishment words of MSNBC:
A California man has been arrested for arranging for his 14-year-old daughter to marry a neighbor in exchange for $16,000, 100 cases of beer and several cases of meat, police said.

Beer Can Art by Emily Stephenson [food art]

"Mummy Can (with babies)," ceramic earthenware, 2006
Emily Stephenson is a UK-based artist who works with ceramics and textiles, creating characters and scenes out of common objects such as beer cans and road kill. Her website tells us that her "current ambition - aside from artistic achievement - is to run a marathon in a large, [...]

Coors Light's Cold-Activated Bottles and Cans Are Like Freaky Freezy Gloves For Beer

MillerCoors is going to be rolling out the cold-activated label, where the mountains turn blue when they're cold, across all of Coors Light's bottles and cans. This silly marketing gimmick is unlikely to compel people to buy the beer, because after all, it's still Coors Light.

Impressive Beer Carry

From a Japanese television show comes an impressive feat: carrying twenty beers.

A Fraternity Of Chefs

The secret ingredient on Iron Chef: American this weekend was beeeeeeeeer.

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