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Ruth Madoff's Dining Woes

In a truly bizarre profile in the New York Times' Styles section, we learn that Ruth Madoff, cookbook trademark infringer and potentially alleged co-conspirator to her husband's swindlings, has it really rough.
Banned from her florist in Amagansett and the salon she frequented for ten years, she recently "submitted to a voluntary freeze on all spending, [...]

Video: Kyra Sedgwick, Burned by Bernie Madoff, Shakes It for Tropicana [commercials]

Bernie Madoff's trail of economic devastation continues! Kyra Sedgwick, after reportedly losing upwards to $50 million in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, is now shilling for Tropicana in print and in commercials.
It's sort of sad to see Sedgwick, wife of Kevin Bacon and Golden Globe-winner, resigned to shaking it, dancing around her kitchen to Tom Jones', [...]

Cookie Monster as Bernie Madoff from Jimmy Kimmel Live [video]

Jimmy Kimmel Live used Sesame Street to explain how a Ponzi scheme works, with the Cookie Monster as Bernie Madoff and Ernie as the innocent investor. Says Cookie Monster, "Me make you 40 percent interest."

Bernie Madoff's First Meal in Jail

Poor Bernie Madoff. Not only does everyone in the entire world completely hate him, but now that he's in jail, he has to eat crap:
Prisoner No. 61727-054 spent his first night at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in isolation in a special housing unit, known as "the box."
He munched on a microwaved meal of frozen chicken [...]

Ruth Madoff Was No Cookbook Author

Not only was Ruth Madoff's cookbook, Great Chefs of America Cook Kosher, prevented from reprinting because of trademark infringement, but now the New York Times reports that she didn't even write it:
Karen MacNeil, a food and wine expert who was given the title of editor of the project, beneath the two executive editors — Mrs. [...]

Ruth Madoff's Cookbook Got Shut Down for Trademark Infringement [scandal]

By now we all know that Ruth Madoff, wife of swindler Bernie Madoff was a cookbook editor, delivering to the world Great Chefs of America Cook Kosher, a 1996 collection of recipes from well-known chefs such as Daniel Boulud, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, David Burke, and Wolfgang Puck. We figured the book just went out [...]

Bernie Madoff's Take-Out Woes

Bernie Madoff can't catch a break! Even his local restaurants know about his $50 billion swindle — and refuse to take his credit cards. Cindy Adams writes in the New York Post:
Bernie the Bum Madoff, while under house arrest last week, called for take-out one night. The Italian restaurant's maitre d'. who took the call [...]

Ruth Madoff, the Wife of Ponzi Scheme Artist Bernie Madoff, Was a Cookbook Editor [scandal]

We were shocked when we read that Ruth Madoff, wife of grade-A shitbucket Bernie Madoff, was a cookbook editor, but then we paused — why not? There's no real reason a love for gourmet food can't coexist with a penchant for securities fraud.
Along with co-authors Idee Schoenheim, who's done nothing else Google-worthy, and noted wine [...]

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