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Big Deals: Adam Roberts of Amateur Gourmet

Adam Roberts of the blog Amateur Gourmet just announced on his website that he's signed a book deal with Artisan. The book will not be a compilation of essays like

Big Deals: Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen

Photograph: Paper Cat
In the world of blog-to-book deals, often the source material seems a stretch to bring to the printed page; not so with The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, based on Deb Perelman's blog of the same name. Featuring "recipes for elegant and approachable homemade food," the book, which was picked up by Knopf, is sure [...]

Big Deals: Five & Ten's Hugh Acheson, Blogger Jennifer Reese

You know what we need more of? Southern food cookbooks. Oh, and if we could get a couple volumes on homemade pantry items while we're at it, that'd be great. What's that? Two new books on those very topics are headed our way? Phew. We were worried.
Chef Hugh Acheson of Athens, Georgia restaurant Five & [...]

Big Deals: Four Kitchens by Semi-Pro Stagier Lauren Shockey

If you don't feel like landing a book deal via blog (hey there Julie Powell), you can always do it by temporarily assisting somewhere awesome and then writing about it (hey there Julie Powell, again). Per Publisher's Marketplace, "French Culinary Institute alum" Lauren Shockey has inked a deal with Grand Central Publishing to write Four [...]

Big Deals: Babycakes Part Two; Eleven Madison Park

Our books editor Helen might not have liked Babycakes (Amazon), the cookbook from New York's eponymous vegan bakery, all that much, but that doesn't seem to matter to them: per Publisher's Marketplace, the team behind the first book has signed a deal to write a followup for publisher Clarkson Potter. Babycakes Covers the Classics ... [...]

Big Deals: The Wednesday Chef Blogger Luisa Weiss Gets A Book Deal

Our black little hearts are warmed whenever a blog-to-book deal launches that isn't planning on naming the book after the blog. Double so with the announcement that The Wednesday Chef is going to printed media, since we've long been fans of Luisa Weiss's wry take on food, informed by her German-Italian culinary heritage.
Her book My [...]

Blog-To-Book Deal: Hunter Angler Gardener Cook Author Hank Shaw's Honest Food

Hands up if you didn't see this one coming: Hank Shaw, the charismatic author of the ultimate DIY blog, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (which was nominated for a 2009 Beard award), has sold the rights to a book called Honest Food: Finding the Forgotten Feast to Rodale.
Publishers' Marketplace notes that the book will be "a [...]

Big Deals: A Heavy Metal Cookbook: Mosh Potatoes: Recipes, Anecdotes, and Mayhem From the Heavyweights of Heavy Metal

What the world really needs is a kitchen guide from the likes of Motörhead, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden. Music exec Steve Seabury has compiled the recipes of some of his favorite heavy metal bands for the upcoming Mosh Potatoes: Recipes, Anecdotes, and Mayhem From the Heavyweights of Heavy Metal, which was just picked up for [...]

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