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Jason Perlow vs. Steven Shaw's 'Week Without Shopping'

Endless self-promoter Jason Perlow is publicly taking issue with his eGullet co-founder Steven Shaw's "Week Without Shopping," now that Shaw is "tentatively scheduled" to appear on ABC's Good Morning America.
Shaw's "week" or "month without shopping" is an experiment in cooking and eating only what's currently in the refrigerator or pantry, plus a soup├žon of [...]

Slashfood Fires Opening Salvos Against New York Magazine [blog war]

Blog war! Fight! Fight! Slashfood has decided to take on New York Magazine. In a recent post, Bruce Watson writes about about a random low-budget food-based cable access show Bronx Flavor, starring the very strange pimp-like character, Baron Ambrosius.
But on the way there, he detours into bitch-slap land, taking the standard criticism raised against [...]

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