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The Cloisters Museum & Gardens Blog, The Medieval Garden Enclosed

Photographs via
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Cloisters Museum has a blog dedicated to its plants and gardens, The Medieval Garden Enclosed. The Cloisters houses the museum's medieval European art and architecture collection, and the accompanying gardens replicate the botany of the era. Posts range in subject matter from biblical references to pomegranates to [...]

Packaging Design Photo Blog: Le Fancy

Photographs via Le Fancy
We're liking the photo blog Le Fancy, a pretty astounding collection of page after page of photographs of packaging design. The site is run by nine friends who all grew up together in New York City, but moved to different cities for college, and wanted a way to keep in touch.
Maggie Prendergast, [...]

Saveur's Merri Lee Kingsly Clarifies the Magazine's Not-Blog

A few days ago, we took Saveur's announcement of a website upgrade that included an "aggregator" as an indication that they were announcing a blog. The magazine's publisher, Merri Lee Kingsly, very patiently set us straight.
"We’re relaunching our Web site in August," she confirmed to us, but that thing we were very sillily referring to [...]

Layoffs and Changes for Slashfood [maybe?]

Slashfood is about to undergo some serious changes as part of a relaunch of AOL's lifestyle blogs as online magazines, according to multiple anonymous sources cited by ReadWriteWeb.
Lead bloggers at the "lifestyle blogs", sites like Gadling, ParentDish and SlashFood, have been told that they will be terminated in February but have apparently been told not [...]

The Printed Blog Has Some Food Articles In It

Photo via thekitchn
The Printed Blog has landed. No exclamation point there, because we're not sure how we feel about this idea of taking web content, printing it out, putting some ads around it, and handing it to people on the street. If you don't live in its distribution area (Chicago) or you prefer to read [...]

Sports Fans Are Like Locavores [analogies]

Photo by zaui
James Oliver Cury writes on the Epi-Log:
With the Super Bowl in sight, I realized that the old "root for the home team" line is really just the sports-fan version of "eat locally." Support your peeps. Honor thy neighbor. Keep it in the family. There's pride in regional loyalty, whether you're backing a team, [...]

The Hotdogger Blog

Oscar Mayer Mini Wienermobile and Wienermobile
The Hotdogger Blog, from "the guys and gals who drive the Wienermobile, criss-crossing the country, looking for bridges that are high enough to drive under so we don’t get stuck." On Flickr and Twitter, too. [via]

Russ and Daughters, Blogging

Russ and Daughter's launched a blog today, Lox Populi, featuring "bits of history, tastes of new treats, recipes, customer stories, traditions, anecdotes, kvetching, and kvelling." This is a great example of small business blog, combining original content and reblogged media coverage of the business itself. [via]

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