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Emmanuel DelCour Admits to His Porn Star Past on Chef Academy [video]

After Bravo shamelessly promoted Emmanuel DelCour's porn star past on Chef Academy, the moment of the big reveal last night was not nearly as saucy as it had been teased to be. In fact, things turned a little creepy when Kyle Kupiszewski, the submarine chef, clinks his drink and cheers, "To a possible gang bang."

Bravo Shamelessly Capitalizing on Chef Academy Contestant's Porn Star Past [Emmanuel DelCour aka Jean Val Jean]

By now you know that Emmanuel DelCour, one of the contestants on Bravo's Chef Academy with Jean-Christophe Novelli, is also a somewhat famous adult film star who went by the name "Jean Val Jean" (yes, a Les Misérables reference). Santa Rosa, CA's Press Democrat asked: "Cheap casting stunt or another example of a reality show [...]

Who the Hell Is Jean-Christophe Novelli?

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If you were bored and channel surfing at around 11pm Monday night you might have come across Bravo’s latest addition to its foodie lineup: Chef Academy. A supposedly non-competitive show (though if you fail three tests you will be kicked off), it's hosted by the pouty, perfectly coiffed, very French Jean-Christophe Novelli, a [...]

Bravo's Sleazy Top Chef Reunion Dinner with Fabio Viviani

For the Top Chef "Reunion Dinner," Fabio Viviani was enlisted as the host of an awkward dinner party, assigned to elicit some Real Housewives of New Jersey-esque table-flipping ratings-bait drama — the network even promoted it as such, calling the preview clip "Angry Dinner." Fabio, however, as a pseudo-villain felt scripted and forced (the goatee [...]

Just Desserts: Bravo's Top Chef Pastry Spinoff

Bravo announced a spin-off of Top Chef focusing on desserts only (this follows the announcement last Thursday of another season of Top Chef Masters). Amazingly, there's no fear of oversaturation — an exec told Variety that Bravo hopes to "have some sort of Top Chef presence on the network's schedule throughout the entire year." Judges [...]

New Bravo Show: Jean-Christophe Novelli's Chef Academy

Beyond today's announcement of season seven of Top Chef (for which they're casting), Bravo PR also announced that their new "docu-series" Chef Academy featuring Michelin-starred chef Jean Christophe Novelli will premiere November 16th at 11 PM ET/PT. The nine-part series chronicles his move to Los Angeles as he opens a cooking school. See more at [...]

Fabio Viviani Gets a Reality Series: Fabio: A Catered Affair


Bravo is developing new shows for three of its network stars, reports, including Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City; Christian Siriano, the winner of season four’s Project Runway; and Fabio Viviani, a finalist from Top Chef season five. Viviano will star in Fabio: A Catered Affair, which "will chronicle [...]

More Top Chef Madness: Bravo's Late-Night Watch What Happens: Live

Bravo's got a new late-night show premiering Thursday, July 16th called Watch What Happens: Live, an "interactive series" (Read: online comments!) hosted by Bravo programming executive Andy Cohen, best known as the host of those innumerable reunion specials.
The press release informs us that "Cohen will sit down with guests from some of Bravo's most popular [...]

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