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Baguette Dropped by a Bird Shuts Down Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider, the world's most powerful particle accelerator, has been shut down because a bird dropped a piece of bread onto outdoor machinery, causing it to significantly overheat. Maybe some things are not meant to be. Or maybe the bird was on a mission from the future. [via Buzzfeed]

Doodlebread Home Baking Kit

Doodlebread is a home baking kit that makes loaves of bread with colorful shapes baked into on each slice. Based out of Belfast, Northern Ireland, designer and baker Rose Kane made the Doodlebread with the aim at getting kids baking bread. The kit comes with a silicon baking tin, a durable "squisher," and "doodle shaper," [...]

Cindy Crawford: Rage Against the Bread Machine

Forget avoiding carbs — Cindy Crawford destroys them, with her bare hands, in this photo from Allure magazine.
The caption reads: "'White bread' may be slang for 'innocuous,' but not for your diet." [via]

Making Bread Is Terrifying

Blogger Erin Nichols confesses her fears:
Baking bread gives me anxiety. It’s become practically a phobia at this point. Do you suppose it’s listed in the DSM-IV?
Paniphobia? Sitiphobia? An entirely rational fear of the hugely intimidating?

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