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Obama Goes to Five Guys [video]

Last night on NBC's broadcast of Inside the Obama White House, Brian Williams goes with Barack Obama on an "OTR," an off-the-record, off-campus trip to an undisclosed burger location (that turns out to be Five Guys) to pick up burgers for the White House staff. Amazing footage.
NBC also posted some unaired footeage online: After riding [...]

Brian Willams 'Blissfully In Love' with Mall Food

This is just so very sad. Brian Williams, anchor of the NBC Nightly News, says in Parade Magazine:
It doesn’t help that I am blissfully in love with mall food courts. My problem is limiting the choices. I will do a slice at Sbarro, or I’ll go to A&W—their cheeseburgers are underrated, and need I say [...]

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