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Mr. T Uses Hidden Cameras to Correct Rudeness in Bizarre Snickers Commercials [videos]

There's a new Snickers campaign in the UK featuring Mr. T in which the A-Team star implores British youth to quit being so rude and "get some nuts." In the commercials, "Mr. T CTV" cameras film teenagers being obnoxious in a variety of ways, who are then admonished over loudspeaker by Mr. T, hidden in [...]

Pre-Hard-Boiled Peeled Eggs in the UK

It's nothing new in the US, but the shelled and pre-hard-boiled eggs from the Happy Egg Company have adorably outraged the British press: The Times wrote: "It makes you weep." The Guardian blogged: "Does anything else so epitomise the indolent sloth, the splattered-shirted, fat-arsed torpor of modern living?" going so far as issuing a call [...]

Adorable Illustrations in Peas! by Andrew Cullen [children's books]

All images via The Puffin Blog
Coming this July from British publisher Puffin (preorder on is the painfully adorable children's book Peas!: It's Not Easy Being Peas-y, notable not only for its literary love of legumes but also for its delightful retro-modern illustrations, done by Simon Rickerty.

Peas! follows the adventures of Pete and Penelope Pea, [...]

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Expects a Cauliflower Revival in Britain

British cauliflower growers are in a panic over declining cauliflower sales, but they're fighting back with... advertising?
But fear not, says Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, for he expects cauliflower to make a comeback:
I think these things come in waves. Beetroot used to be every-one's least favourite vegetable, now it's incredibly trendy. Cauliflower is similarly love-hate. When chefs start [...]

Italy Goes Wild for Cupcakes

Photograph from Josephine's Bakery
The British might not be happy about cupcakes' rising international profile, but the Italians sure as heck are. In fact, Reuters reports that not only is Rome going mad for the cupcake — they're attributing it to the Brits.
In style-conscious Italy, cupcakes appeal to more than just the taste-buds, she said, [...]

Jamie Oliver Thinks America Looks Fat in Those Pants

Fading UK celeb chef Jamie Oliver is horrified by Britain's rising obesity levels, and wants someone to step in and fix the problem before they wind up like, um, us:
"If we leave it, it will be like America, where it is almost not worth it, because it's so ingrained."
..."I believe that radical change is quite [...]

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