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Book Review: Cleaving by Julie Powell: Rough Cuts

Photograph: Paula Forbes / Eat Me Daily
Julie Powell's central metaphor in Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession (Amazon) is the idea of butchery as therapy: it is, essentially, the act of breaking down an entity into smaller, more manageable pieces. This revelation occurs over the course of Powell's apprenticeship as a butcher at [...]

Fiji Meat Man [video]

Fijian butchers and meat packers sure are a happy lot, or so this commercial that supposedly appears on rented videos in Fiji would have us believe. Seemingly designed to attract employees to Fiji Meats Ltd, the Fiji Meat Man wants you to know "I'm proud of my job, I do what I can, the country [...]

44 Step Guide to Butchering a Lamb Carcass

The Guardian UK has a great story on the "Lamb Club," a bunch of guys trying their hands at amateur butchery, including a 44-step slideshow guide illustrating how to break down a lamb carcass. Tim Hayward:
A while back I noticed that a tidy carcass from my favourite butcher cost about half as much as the [...]

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