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Scientists Discover Sixth Taste: Fat

Photograph by Plate of Wander
Australian scientists have recently discovered that humans can actually taste fat, and those who are more sensitive to its flavor tend to eat less of it, and have lower BMIs. This is different from the texture of fat in foods such as ice cream, which is associated with a richer mouth-feel. [...]

Deep-Fried Butter Balls at the Texas State Fair

Paula Deen's deep-fried butter balls.Photo via

The Dallas Morning News shares news about the contenders at the Texas State Fair's Big Tex Choice Awards that showcases the new foods at this year's fair, one of which includes deep-fried butter. Golf ball-size scoops of pure butter injected with different flavors, wrapped in dough, and then deep-fried.*
The [...]

New York State Fair Butter Sculpture of a Vintage Milk Truck [video]

Photos via
The 163rd New York State Fair runs August 27th through September 7th in Syracuse, New York, and like any good state fair, there's a giant butter sculpture. This year's sculpture, made from 800 pounds of butter, features a cow behind the wheel of a vintage milk truck. The theme of "Cow Power" signifies [...]

Neil Armstrong Butter Sculpture at the Iowa State Fair

Photos via
The Eastern Iowa News posted photos from the Iowa State Fair (that closed yesterday) including a butter Neil Armstrong and the traditional butter cow. There had been an online poll to determine whether or not there should have been a Michael Jackson butter sculpture "Moonwalking" next to Armstrong, but it was soundly rejected.

Controversy Churns Over Michael Jackson Butter Statue at Iowa‎ State Fair

Photo via ABC News

The Iowa State Fair is known for its butter sculptures, and for this year's fair (August 13-23), the theme is a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's moonwalk (including a "buttery rendition of the surface of the moon").
Given the magnitude of Michael Jackson's death, fair organizers gleefully announced that of [...]

First-Class Butter

Jorge García, who plays Hugo "Hurley" Reyes in Lost, posted a photo of some first-class butter, calling it "the best part about flying first class international." Classy!

Obamargarine on The Colbert Report [video]

Last night on The Colbert Report, PK Winsome made an appearance as the "manufacturer" of shoddy Obama-themed products. One of the goods he made was Obamargarine, the commemorative butter substitute that had the slogan: "Yes, I can't believe that we elected a black president, and also that it's not butter."
Apparently there were problems, since it [...]

Paula Deen's Snowman Made Out of Butter [video]

Paula's Party is completely unwatchable unless you're on some serious pain medication. Luckily we were! We managed to catch the show this weekend, where she had a snowman made out of butter.
In one of the few cases of censorship on the Food Network we can imagine, guest Danny Boone (of Rescue Chef) had his words [...]

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