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Cadbury Chocolates' PR Hell in New Zealand

Cadbury, the self-proclaimed "world's largest confectionary manufacturer," is finding itself in the middle of a PR shitstorm in New Zealand over its recent decision to use palm oil in its chocolate — the Auckland Zoo is now boycotting all of Cadbury's products, claiming that endangered orangutans are losing their habitat due to the continued demand [...]

Cadbury's Eyebrow Commercial [video]

Synchronized eyebrow dancing in a commercial for Cadbury's. This doesn't so much make me want chocolate, as it makes me wonder where the hell they found these kids.

Holiday Ornament Creme Eggs by Cadbury [WTF]

Yeah yeah yeah, we know these aren't new (Candy Blog wrote about them last year), but how could we not blog about these things? Much like Peeps being reformulated to become pumpkins or snowmen or hearts, Cadbury, in a pathetic attempt to boost sales, is seasonally rebranding their traditionally Easter-based products. Creme Eggs are now [...]

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