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Stephen Colbert on the Campbell's - Progresso Soup Advertising War [video]

The Colbert Report tackles the recent phenomena of "comparative advertising" as shown in the "mudslinging slimefest" between Campbell's Soup and Progresso. Stephen Colbert had to pick sides though, since Campbell's sent him a prototype can for their newest flavor, Stephen Colbert's Easy Street Soup:
They haven't told me what's in it, but I don't care if [...]

Comparative Advertising, Mmm Mmm MSG

The New York Times reports on the recent phenomenon of "comparative advertising": aggressive ads wherein brands attack their competitors by name. It's the Pepsi Challenge all over again, but with soup and coffee instead of two near-indistinguishable colas.
The Campbell Soup Company is calling out Progresso chicken noodle soup for having MSG, and Dunkin' Donuts [...]

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