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LOL Candy Hearts

Photograph by Windell H. Oskay,
Conversation Heart overload. Yesterday we posted about this year's new food-inspired Candy Conversation Hearts, but then a tipster clued is in to these LOL Candy Hearts (well, they're actually shortbread cookies). Made by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, they capture l'esprit du temps with culturally-relevant phrases like "TWEET ME" and "FRIEND [...]

This Year's Valentine's Candy Conversation Hearts Are Inspired by Food

This year's Valentine's Conversation Hearts. We got our hands on all of them except "Recipe 4 Love" and "Table 4 Two"
Every year, the Necco candy company updates the phrases printed on their ubiquitous Valentine's Day candy hearts, a.k.a. the Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. Serving, often controversially, as a yardstick of the contemporary lexicon, Necco adds new [...]

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