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How Candy Canes Are Made [video]

We were curious: How exactly are candy canes made? A couple of weeks ago we posted a video of the old-school candy cane-making technique still employed at the retro Candy Kitchen in Disneyland, but how is it made today, in volume? We found a great video from the Discovery Channel showing how it's done, and [...]

Making Candy Canes in Disneyland on Guy's Disney Holiday

Dare we say it: Guy's Disney Holiday was actually pretty good. We had feared a painful infomercial, but instead it was sort of an extra-long episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri inside the kitchens and restaurants of Disneyland. Avoiding the processed food, Fieri checks out the some old school food that Disneyland [...]

Colgate Ads Remind You to Brush After You Eat

Genius: These ads for Colgate by the advertising agency Y&R out of Bangkok,Thailand with the Colgate logo and the slogan "Don't Forget" and printed on ice cream bar sticks and lollipop sticks. Even cooler: the sticks themselves are shaped like toothbrushes.

Candy Art by Vanessa St. Laurent [food art]

Peeps, 20x40, 2006, Photo by permission.

Gummy Worms and Tums, 20x40, 2006, Photo by permission.
Massachusetts native and contemporary artist Vanessa St. Laurent paints candy (and only candy!) with the imagination of our most vivid childhood dreams. Working in oil on canvas, her creations are colorful, fun, and obviously delectable, swirling candy in a bevy of textures [...]

Gummy Bear Jewelry from ROMEingPANDA Now on Sale

Photos: ROMEingPANDA
Here's a different way to get your bling on: ROMEingPANDA's gummy bear jewelry is finally on sale featuring a series of rings, necklaces, belts, bracelets, brooches, and pins, ranging from $100 to $160. Back in September we wrote about their sample jewelry made from actual, real gummy bears, but this is the official retail [...]

The Chewable Gumball Foosball Table

Check out the analog gaming world's latest attempt to lure kids away from the Wii: It's Gumball Foosball, "the only foosball game that is played with chewable gumballs!"
Where for decades a regular plastic ball has been more than sufficient, our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer have for no apparent reason fused sticky, sugary chewing gum with [...]

The Future of Candy on The Tomorrow Show With Mo Rocca and Special Guest Frank Bruni [video]

In the latest episode of The Tomorrow Show, a weekly webcast about the future, Mo Rocca investigated the future of candy, visiting Jelly Belly headquarters and Mother Murphy's Laboratories, a flavoring company. Turns out the future of candy apparently includes exotic flavors like acai and pomegranate, flavor fusions like chili-mango, and chocolate inhalers. Definitely [...]

Gummy Bear Jewelry: ROMEingPANDA's Yummy Gummy Collection

Photos via
Fashion Week started early last night with the debut of ROMEingPANDA's Yummy Gummy collection, a series of of lucite rings, necklaces, and broaches in the guise of gummy bears by designers Jerome Solomon and Amanda Marcuson. Until the line is available for retail, original samples made from real gummy bears coated with a [...]

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