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Color-Correcting Discodips [video]

Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug spent over nine hours "color-correcting" (aka sorting) one kilograms of discodips (aka sprinkles). Engelberts and Plug were also responsible for that hit video of melting chocolate bunnies. Here's a short time-lapsed, edited video of their hard work:

MTV's 'Sweetheart' Animation [video]

As part of MTV's international brand refresh that's rolling out across 64 of its channels, they've posted a series of beautifully-rendered on-air identity animations, including this one that uses candy, titled "Sweetheart":

LOL Candy Hearts

Photograph by Windell H. Oskay,
Conversation Heart overload. Yesterday we posted about this year's new food-inspired Candy Conversation Hearts, but then a tipster clued is in to these LOL Candy Hearts (well, they're actually shortbread cookies). Made by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, they capture l'esprit du temps with culturally-relevant phrases like "TWEET ME" and "FRIEND [...]

This Year's Valentine's Candy Conversation Hearts Are Inspired by Food

This year's Valentine's Conversation Hearts. We got our hands on all of them except "Recipe 4 Love" and "Table 4 Two"
Every year, the Necco candy company updates the phrases printed on their ubiquitous Valentine's Day candy hearts, a.k.a. the Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. Serving, often controversially, as a yardstick of the contemporary lexicon, Necco adds new [...]

Butterfinger Buzz, the Caffeinated Candy Bar [wtf]

Nestle is unleashing upon humanity this new candy bar called Butterfinger Buzz. Tagline: "With as much caffeine as the leading energy drink." Disclaimer: "Not recommended for pregnant women, children, or persons sensitive to caffeine."
As if that's not bad enough [it gets worse? You already have to eat nearly 500 calories of candy bar to get [...]

Holiday Ornament Creme Eggs by Cadbury [WTF]

Yeah yeah yeah, we know these aren't new (Candy Blog wrote about them last year), but how could we not blog about these things? Much like Peeps being reformulated to become pumpkins or snowmen or hearts, Cadbury, in a pathetic attempt to boost sales, is seasonally rebranding their traditionally Easter-based products. Creme Eggs are now [...]

Obscene Kids' Candy - People Pops [video]

Michael Mozart, the product guru and toy inventor from Jeepers Media, boasting "over 10,700,000 TOTAL VIEWS on YouTube alone," posts a video reviewing the obscene kids' candy, People Pops:

Make Your Own Lego Gummy Candy

Best Instructables Ever? A gummy candy mold cast from real Lego bricks.


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