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Morbid Cat Toys

We're loving the morbid cat toys from Spell Well on Etsy, featuring decapitated animals with their guts hanging out. Beyond the fish, bird, and mouse, there's a robot and even a decapitated Marie Antoinette.

Actual Nomming Sounds

From Cute Overload comes a vocal kitten:

I Can Has Chainburger? from LOL Arts Show and Auction [Food Art]

Check out the papier-mâché art piece I Can Has Chainburger? by Emily Cox, a 17-year-old senior at Harrison High School in West Lafayette, Indiana. From the LOL Arts show benefiting adult literacy. Brilliant, post-modern, anti-consumerist, no-logo, kitten-inspired agit-prop. Awesomeness. [via and via]

Cat Weight Lifting [video]

Japanese Game Show leaves increasingly heavy fish out for stray cats to see how much weight they can carry with their mouths.

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