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Piers Morgan in Burger King Perfume Ad

Here's Piers Morgan in a (clearly Photoshopped) print ad for Burger King's "Flame" perfume in the UK. Somewhat effective publicity stunt! The Mail Online describes the scent as "a thick, musky scent; cheap and cloying - but entirely un-beefy."

Bourdain on Celebrity Chefs and Food Television [video]

Here's another video from the "Food for Thought" panel discussion with Anthony Bourdain, Alice Waters, and Duff Goldman. Bourdain on celebrity chefs and television shows:
I say this as someone who's milking this celebrity chef shit for everything I can get, very happily: It's the new pornography. It's people seeing things on TV, watching people make [...]

Cable Food Celebrity Catfight: Tyler Florence vs Andrew Zimmern [scandal]

2009 is starting out right! There's some trash talk going on between Andrew Zimmern and Tyler Florence online, ending with Florence pleading for "an end to Chef on Chef violence in '09."
It all started with Andrew Zimmern, of Bizarre Foods, not happy with Tyler Florence's appearance on the latest episode of Momma's Boys, he blogged:
[The [...]

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