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Celery Makes Men Sexy [science!]

Here's some dubious medical news sure to make dudes smell even more annoying than Axe-executives could ever dream of: doctors have determined that eating celery increases a man's attractiveness to women. Apparently all a dude needs to do to get models all over him is to eat a few sticks of celery before going [...]

Celery-Wielding Nudes Now Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps you have heard of Art Frahm, a cult favorite pin-up painter from the 1950s? Frahm famously painted young women holding grocery bags with celery sticking out of the top, looking shocked with their underwear around their ankles. (It is as weird as it sounds, and totally worth checking out if you haven't [NSFW].)
Well, [...]

Celery Leaf Gnocchi

Check out this celery leaf gnocchi from Ideas in Food:
We wanted to make light and delicate gnocchi with an intense celery flavor. After traveling down several different paths, we ended up using twice cooked potatoes as the base. We added roughly 12 percent pureed celery leaves with 5 percent whole egg and 15 percent flour. [...]

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