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Queen Given World's Largest Cheesehead

How can you make cheddar cheese more British than it already is? How about carving 1000 pounds of it into a crown and giving it to the Queen on the 48th anniversary of her coronation? British "cheese wedding cake expert" Tanys Pullin is awaiting verification that her cheese crown holds the new Guinness World Record [...]

Mad Scientists Develop Cheese Flavored Like Bubble Gum

Photograph: WorldWideWaCCo
This interview with Wisconsin cheese-maker Roger Krohn starts out innocently enough — there's some history of the plant, some discussion of the intricacies of making different types of cheeses — when, out of nowhere, Krohn tries to nonchalantly throw in a reference to bubble gum-flavored string cheese. Apparently being developed by the Center for [...]

2010 Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling Canceled

Photograph by Matt Cardy / Getty Images
This is ridiculous. The UK's annual Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling—in which a wheel of cheese is hurled down a large hill and a bunch of yahoos chase after it, inevitably hurting themselves in the process—has been canceled due to safety concerns. Not for the participants, who are somewhat delightfully deranged [...]

Retro Recipes: Hungry Jack Weinerollas, 1970

Photo: Stephanie Butler
Welcome to Retro Recipes! Brought to you from the capable kitchen of Eat Me Daily's Stephanie Butler, each week we take a look at preparations from the past that straddles the line between ingenious and absurd. This week: Hungry Jack Weinerollas.
It's fall, which means football season is once again upon us. High schoolers [...]

Eric Ripert Hearts Processed Cheese

In the Newsweek piece about Eric Ripert's new television series Avec Eric, "Finally, a Highbrow Cooking Show," an important detail is revealed about Le Bernardin: the sous chefs use a kind of processed cheese to find a common reference point with their palates:
But he could talk forever about... how he gets the sauces at Le [...]

The Dane County Fair in Madison, Wisconsin: The Quest for the Blue Ribbon

Photographs by Paula Forbes
EMD's Paula Forbes is in the Midwest doing research for her Up North Cookbook. She's going to report back from the field from time to time, and here's her report on the Dane County Fair in Madison, Wisconsin.
It's summer, which, among other things, means that it's time for rural America's best jams, [...]

The 2009 Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake [video]

Photograph from
The Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake is an annual event held near Gloucester, England — this year's was Monday, May 25th. Following long-running tradition, an eight pound (3.5 kg) round of Double Gloucester Cheese is given a one second head start, and competitors race down the hill to ostensibly catch the cheese [...]

30 Rock: Tracy Jordan Makes a Cheese Friend [video]

On last night's 30 Rock, Tracy Jordan made a figure out of cheese and crackers because his birthday wish didn't come true. Says Kenneth, "Mr. Jordan, I know you only make cheese friends when something's bothering you." His name was Daniel.

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