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This Is Spinal Tap Cheese Rolling Trailer [video]

After we posted the video of the speeding wheels of cheese on the Amazing Race, a tipster reminded us of the trailer to This Is Spinal Tap, featuring a cheese festival in Denmark that holds an event: cross-country cheese rolling, "requiring years of experience to handle these 100 pound wheels of Edam."
We loved the line [...]

Speeding Wheels of Cheese on The Amazing Race [video]

In the premiere of season whatever of The Amazing Race, in Switzerland, the contestants had to carry 50 pound wheels of cheese down a steep and slippery hill using rickety antique wooden backpack things. The backpacks break and the cheese wheels, inevitably, go rolling down the hill, picking up some major speed. The contestants, frustrated, [...]

'American Cheese' by Esteban Pulido [Food Art]

The trend of presidential cookies and cereal boxes and what-not couldn't end sooner. But this artwork, American Cheese by Esteban Pulido, could have some better uses beyond trendy political foodstuffs. Photo-printing onto food: "Slices of American cheese with liquid photo sensitive emulsion processed in a darkroom with traditional black and white photography chemicals." American Cheese [...]

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