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Stephen Colbert Calls for Release of Strategic Chicken Wing Reserve [video]

Last night, The Colbert Report continued its hard-hitting investigation into the chicken wing shortage of 2009, or what Stephen Colbert called the "Countdown to Atomic Disaster, the Wing-Ageddon." He interviewed Richard Lobb, the Director of Communications for the National Chicken Council, who reveals the existence of a Strategic Chicken Wing Reserve that's held in case [...]

The Colbert Report on the Nationwide Chicken Wing Shortage [video]

Clockwise, from top left: the celery hunters, the blue cheese miners, the Hidden Valley ranchers, Hooters waitresses.
Last night's The Colbert Report spent a whopping four-plus minutes covering the nationwide chicken wing shortage, or what Stephen Colbert called "Countdown to Atomic Disaster, the Wing-Ageddon." Calling it a conspiracy, he fears it'll have repercussions across the entire [...]

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