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Building a Better Hot Dog

Photograph by rksdesign
A couple weeks ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics announced that instead of being a classic childhood favorite, the hot dog is actually a sinister choking hazard perfectly designed to plug the airways of America's youth. Design firm RKS decided to use this announcement as an opportunity to redesign the hot dog in [...]

The Marshmallow Test: Psychological Experiments in Self-Control

In this reprise of a now-classic Stanford psychological experiment from the 1960s, kids are put in a room with a marshmallow and told they can either eat it immediately or wait until the researcher gets back, and they'll be given a second marshmallow. Hilarity ensues as the kids suffer marshmallow temptation!
But the consequences go deeper: [...]

Healthy Food vs. Crazy Mothers [studies]

A recent Norwegian study, conducted by the deliciously named Eivind Ystrøm, found that the state of a mother’s mental health may be linked to the healthiness of the food she feeds her child. Now we can add one more thing to that ever-growing list of grumbles and lamentations, and we don’t even need to drag [...]

Schrambling on Kids Cooking

Our Lady of the Grouch, Regina Schrambling, has had it with you kids who cook. You are not adorable, you are going to die in the kitchen, you are bad at math, and you probably can't even taste salt yet.
Schrambling takes on the suddenly prevalent world of child-helmed food media, calling it "the celebration of [...]

Helicopter Parents Wage Fraught Battle Against O-R-E-Os, Fun

Helicopter parents, the scourge of the education system, fellow public-transit commuters, and fun-loving citizens everywhere are now in the crosshairs of eating disorder specialists, according to a report in the New York Times.
In addition to little Dillinger and Gingerly’s increased risk of generalized anxiety, fear of failure, failure to thrive and stunted development, HP’s hysterical [...]

'Baby Lager Louts'

The UK's Good Pub Guide defines "baby lager louts" as "badly behaved children running around [pubs] unchecked." [via Observer UK]

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