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Terrifying Deep-Fried Gasping Fish Video

This video of a deep-fried yet still-gasping fish at a restaurant located in, we think, China is truly one of the most unsettling things we've seen. Thanks to its origins on the oft-playful Buzzfeed, we assumed this might have been a gag, that the joke was that this writhing creature was an animatronic robot or [...]

Creepy Chinese Food Safety Ads

View larger. Photo via
These food safety ads from the Beijing Women & Children's Development Foundation are nicely executed but super-creepy: Kids enjoying themselves in playgrounds built out of giant food, etc. But on closer inspection, the pizza slices are topped with shards of glass, the hamburger is a scorpion-burger, sushi is infested with bugs, [...]

Epic Hoarding: "Waste Not" by Song Dong at the Museum of Modern Art

"Waste Not," Song Dong, 2005.
Currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City is the installation "Waste Not" by the Beijing-based artist Song Dong. A collaboration conceived of with his mother, Zhao Xiangyuan (1938-2009), the installation consists of the complete contents of her home, amassed over fifty years, including the wooden [...]

The Possible New Surgeon General, Sanjay Gupta, Visited the Penis Restaurant in China [video]

The Colbert Report had a segment on Sanjay Gupta, the potential new Surgeon General, and his visit to the penis restaurant, Guo-li-Zhuang, in Beijing, China. Sampling bull penis, deer penis, lamb testicles, and Russian dog penis, he was rebuffed when he tried to order tiger paw and tiger penis from the menu — Gupta was [...]

Celebrity Pig Lets Fame Get to His Head

A pig that became a nationwide celebrity after surviving for 36 days buried beneath rubble after Sichuan earthquake earlier this year has been named China's most inspirational animal of 2008, reports the Times UK.
"Zhu Jianqiang," aka "Strong-Willed Pig," survived on rainwater and a bag of charcoal, going from 150kg to just 50kg. He was sold [...]

Chinese KFC Knockoff Has a Dirty Mind

Language Log reports on a very odd trend in Chinese fast food:
If you were a foreigner walking down the street in a Chinese city and you passed the restaurant below, you would do a double-take, because the familiar KFC has morphed into KFG, and Colonel Sanders doesn't look quite right. But if you were a [...]

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