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Two for Moo Shu: Jennifer 8. Lee and Andrew Coe on American Chinese Food [Review]

As a child I was mystified by Chinese food. First of all, it contained a lot of vegetables, some of them unidentifiable, most of them green. Second, much of it was spicy and/or covered in strange sauces. Some of the dishes even had whole dried chilies in them! What was most troubling to me, however, [...]

Advertising on Chinese Food Take-Out Containers

Photo: Raphael Brion
The intrusion of advertising on every possible surface is relentless, and more or less inevitable. First it was coffee cups and sleeves, then seat-back trays in airplanes, then pizza boxes, and now even the lowly Chinese food take-out box is a vehicle for companies to pimp their products.
Getting this delivered to my apartment [...]

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