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Butterfinger Buzz, the Caffeinated Candy Bar [wtf]

Nestle is unleashing upon humanity this new candy bar called Butterfinger Buzz. Tagline: "With as much caffeine as the leading energy drink." Disclaimer: "Not recommended for pregnant women, children, or persons sensitive to caffeine."
As if that's not bad enough [it gets worse? You already have to eat nearly 500 calories of candy bar to get [...]

Hershey Shuts Down Scharffen Berger Plant in Berkeley, CA

Photograph by tvivante
Hershey, which bought Scharffen Berger in 2005, is shutting down its West Berkeley manufacturing plant, reports the SF Chronicle. Hershey already makes the majority of its Scharffen Berger products in Robinson, Illinois, and is going to shift the entire operation there. Says the Chronicle:
Scharffen Berger was founded in 1996 by Robert Steinberg, a [...]

Cadbury's Eyebrow Commercial [video]

Synchronized eyebrow dancing in a commercial for Cadbury's. This doesn't so much make me want chocolate, as it makes me wonder where the hell they found these kids.

WWII-Era Exploding Chocolate Bar

From the website of the security Service, more commonly known as MI5, comes this spy gadget from World War II: an exploding chocolate bar.
This ordinary-looking bar of chocolate is really a German hand grenade. It's made of steel with a thin covering of real chocolate. When the piece of chocolate at the end is broken, [...]

Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skulls

If you're looking for that special Valentine's Day way to say "without you, my love, I would not be able to eat or smell or see or hear, and also my brains would not have a place to live," allow us to suggest a chocolate skull.
And not just any chocolate skull — a full-size, [...]

BIG Nuts Chocolate Bar from Cote D'Or

Presenting the BIG Nuts chocolate bar from Cote D'Or.
Filed under unfortunate product naming, but super-delicious!

Chocolate Pours from the Sky Above New York City in Sony Spot [video]

We totally liked this spot by Tronic Studio, where chocolate pours from the sky above New York City to form Sony electronics. [via]

Jacques Torres Molds Naughty Body Parts Out of Chocolate for The Girls Next Door [video]

We have no idea how Jacques Torres, the master chocolatier, got roped into this, but there he is, participating in an episode of The Girls Next Door (this originally aired in October, but oh boy, we're just getting to it now). Holly, Bridget, and Kendra figure that an appropriate present for Hugh Hefner's 82nd birthday [...]

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