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Chopped: Five Ingredient Randomizer [single serving sites]

Likely inspired by the television program of the same name, Chopped is a single serving site by Michael Hoy that gives you five random ingredients. You don't like the combination, reload. You like the combination, save it. Nice, simple design.
[via Design Notes]

Promo for Chopped Championship on the Food Network [video]

Out of nowhere the Food Network aired a promo for the new show Chopped Championship that brings together "thirteen undefeated champions." Season one of Chopped had thirteen episodes, so it's probably safe to assume that all the winners from season one will be contestants, including Einat Admony, chef of Taim and Andre Marrero, Chef Tournant [...]

Chopped: Dog Food, Raw Chicken, and Tears [video]

Last night's Chopped was a monumental disaster, providing some of the most revolting and horrifying food we've ever seen. From a "vegetarian" "trio" that looked like so many lumps of dog food, to the raw chicken served to the judges, to the mangled and sad desserts — we just couldn't look away.
It's disheartening, particularly after [...]

Chopped: The Best Episode Yet [video]

Last night's episode of Chopped was the best so far. Finally, finally, there was some serious talent — the contestants from the show, John Keller (the former Executive Chef at Bruno Jamais), Andrea Bergquist, (the former Executive Chef of Merkato 55), Ed Witt (the former Executive Chef of Bloomingdale Road), and Josh Emett, (Chef de [...]

Food Network Orders a Full Season of Chopped

It was obvious when Food Network announced a casting call, but when Ted Allen blogs about it, it makes it official: Food Network has ordered a full season of Chopped. 26 episodes, slated to air during the summer. That's a big leap of faith after the initial run of five episodes. Suck it Bravo!

Chopped Sinks Deep With Bacon Abuse, Sexism, and Tears [video]

Wow. The latest episode of Food Network's Chopped was an unmitigated disaster — terrible food, accused theft, sexism, double dipping, and a surprisingly angry and bitter Alex Guarnaschelli — and it all ended in tears (the winner was so surprised that he cried). If you need one, The Feed's got a wrapup.
Top on the list [...]

WTF Mystery Ingredients on Chopped [video]

Last night's Food Network's Chopped featured unknown contestants. But WTF: the mystery ingredients in the entree challenge were daikon, pork loin, Napa cabbage, Thai chiles, and Blue Point oysters. The contestants were required to use them all in one dish.
Klaus Kronsteiner, the Chef de Cuisine at the Liberty National Golf Course, who "was born [...]

Product Placement in Chopped [scandal]

Ted Allen, when he got all defensive and claimed that Chopped wasn't a rip-off of Top Chef, wrote on his blog:
There also is a culinary straightforwardness about [Chopped] that I find really satisfying, and particularly appropriate for a company called Food Network... Best of all, there is no product placement.
Admittedly, this was the only instance [...]

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