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"Obsessives: Soda Pop" Mini-Documentary by Chow [video]

Chow's "Obsessives" series is sometimes really great. In the latest episode "Soda Pop," they pay a visit to John Nese's Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles that specializes in fizzy drinks from independent and small-batch soda makers. A fountain of knowledge, we'd listen to him for hours. The man knows his stuff!

Nach Waxman of Kitchen Arts & Letters [video]

Nach Waxman is the alpha and omega of the recorded history of food. The owner of New York's Kitchen Arts & Letters bookstore has a near boundless knowledge of cookbooks, recipes, and the evolution of attitudes towards food. For Chow, he gives an interview in which he lays out all the dirty secrets: why cooking [...]

Chow Complains About Whole Foods

Chow's complaints read like something out of White Whine. See #3: "Was it my imagination, or did Whole Foods used to give out free cheese samples?"

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