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New York Times Summer Cookbook Roundup

Summer is upon us, which can mean several things, depending on where you live: it can mean that your house is too ridiculously hot to even contemplate cooking anything; it can mean that local produce is finally starting pop up all over the place; it most likely means that a good deal of charcoal will [...]

Quote of the Day

"If salami is the blog of cured meats, then prosciutto is the great novel."
— Christine Muhlke writing for the New York Times Magazine
[via EMD contributor Paula]

Nothing Fishy: Eric Ripert's On the Line [cookbook review]

While I was reading On the Line (buy at Amazon), the semi-new cookbook/scrapbook from Le Bernardin's Eric Ripert, I kept saying to whoever was sitting near me how uncannily similar it is is to another book I've reviewed for Eat me daily: Ferran Adria's A Day at El Bulli.
I should clarify. The review I [...]

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