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Cupcake Dress 'With Sprinkles and a Cherry on Top'

Some might argue that this is in fact not a dress, but instead a tunic, shirt, or blouse. But someone, somewhere, is paying a woman to live out this cupcake fetish. $175 on Etsy.

La Boucherie Boxer Shorts from J.Crew

If you're late to the butchering trend and you like to cook in your underwear, J Crew has the solution: La Boucherie boxer shorts. New for fall, they feature French cuts of meat served up, how else, but blue.
— Adam Robb

Meat Shorts Make a Carnivorous Fashion Statement

If I was so inclined, I’d want my man strutting his stuff on the beach in these Bermuda “corpse” shorts courtesy of Weird Clothing Company. Bloody red and well marbled, what better way to show your utmost devotion to your carnivorous endeavors?
Going so far as to replicate packaging, they arrive at your doorstep wrapped on [...]

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