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Chair Made Out of Coke Bottles Frozen in Ice [videos]

Here's a video of a chair, which happens to be made out of recycled Coca-Cola bottles, being frozen into a block of ice for a photo shoot. It gives you a little bit of insight into large-scale ice sculpting operations; for example, the giant ice cube, which looks to be about four feet square, takes [...]

Bolivian Coca Cola Ripoff Contains Coca Extract

Photograph: AP via El Diario MX
Well, this gives new meaning to the idea of Coke "Classic": Bolivian president Evo Morales has approved the production and sale of a soft drink called "Coca Colla," which, apart from being a familiar-looking dark soda with a red label, also contains an extract made from coca leaves, the raw [...]

Coca-Cola Owes its Early Success to Free Sample Coupons

Coca-Cola, one of the most ubiquitous products in the world, owes its success to pretty much one thing: coupons. Asa Candler, a druggist who purchased the formula for the soda in 1887, was known for his innovative marketing techniques and introduced a free sample coupon (the first of its kind) to the company's advertising program [...]

Coca-Cola to the Rescue!

Photograph from
And now for some good news: Coca-Cola has teamed with an organization called ColaLife to distribute medicine and "health messages" throughout rural Africa, reports The Guardian. While working in Katine, Zambia, ColaLife's founder Simon Berry noticed that although even the most remote villages in Africa had commercial soft drinks readily available, medicine was [...]

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