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The Beta Cup Challenge to Create Recyclable Coffee Cups

Photograph: Brittany Hardin
It can be a challenge to lug around reusable coffee cups, not to mention clean them and keep track of them. Thus, for many, our morning cup of coffee comes out of a paper cup. After the last lukewarm drops, the cup is tossed into the garbage without so much as a second [...]

Biodegradable Heat-Activated Coffee Cup

If you enjoy getting your mind blown with your morning cup of coffee, then check out this new product proposal called the Heatswell from designer Scott Amron. He's created a thin paper collar that expands when it comes in contact with heat and is non-toxic and biodegradable. The material appears to expand about two or [...]

Coffee Shop Disloyalty Card from Gwilym Davies

Photograph via
Genius idea out of England from Gwilym Davies, the 2009 World Barista Champion: the disloyalty card. In an attempt to promote East London's emerging coffee shop scene, if you go and "drink coffee at 8 interesting, quality focused cafes," then Gwilym Davies himself will make you a free cup of coffee.

The Speak n' Brew: The Talking Coffee Maker [video]

Ever wished you could talk to your kitchen appliances? Me neither, but now you can! Primula has released the Speak n’ Brew, a talking coffeemaker that rivals Rosie from The Jetsons. It couldn’t be more unnecessary, but yet somehow it appeals to the robot-loving 80s kid inside all of us.
With the bold claim that "Getting [...]

Your Food Is Trying To Kill You

It's a dangerous world out there, and in the hopes of warning you of potentially deadly food hazards, we've put together a compilation of some of the edible terrors lying in wait. Foods with a high risk of fatality can be found right in your pantry, some are served in sushi restaurants, while others can [...]

Mona Lisa Made from 3,604 Coffee Cups

Photo via Gilles Gravier on Flickr
Back in July, at the Aroma Festival at The Rocks in Sydney, Australia (an annual coffee festival), organizers used 3,604 cups of coffee — four shades using different amounts of coffee and milk — to make a replica of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Here's a stop-motion video showing the [...]

Stephen Colbert on His Coffee Consumption [video]

Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert, citing a study that people who drink more than seven cups of coffee a day are more likely to see ghosts, shared some of the terrifying effects of his own coffee consumption, the "dance with the demon bean":
Ever since I started hosting this show, I have been [...]

Watchmen Nite Owl Dark Roast Coffee [tie-ins]

As part of the endless market saturation that's prefacing the March 6 release of the Watchmen movie, Warner Bros has partnered with the Organic Coffee Cartel to produce a limited-edition tin of Nite Owl Dark Roast Coffee.
Watchmen fans will be all a-squee over this particularly subtle bit of cross-branding — the official product description [...]

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