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Coca-Cola Owes its Early Success to Free Sample Coupons

Coca-Cola, one of the most ubiquitous products in the world, owes its success to pretty much one thing: coupons. Asa Candler, a druggist who purchased the formula for the soda in 1887, was known for his innovative marketing techniques and introduced a free sample coupon (the first of its kind) to the company's advertising program [...]

No BYOC (Bring Your Own Coke) at Pizzaiolo in Oakland

Photograph by
The SF Gate ran the story "Bay Area diners' behavior grabs attention," ostensibly about diners behaving badly: pole dancing, sex in bathrooms, being mean, etc. You know the drill.
But then they drop this little nugget about the restaurant Pizzaiolo in Oakland and the customer who wanted Coca Cola so badly that they offered [...]

Parodies of Pepsi's 'Refresh Everything' Ad Campaign [food art]

Here are some dark, funny, and brilliant parodies of Pepsi's "Refresh Everything" ad campaign by Brooklyn-based artist Trevor Bittinger. Sort of inevitable, really, but some of these are totally spot-on, in a culture-jamming Adbusters kind of way — particularly the one above that's refashioned into an ad for Coke. See the whole set over at [...]

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