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The Great American Food & Music Fest Clusterf-ck [events]

Photograph by Cammie Nguyen
Thousands of hungry people descended upon Mountain View’s Shoreline Amphitheatre for Serious Eats’ first annual Great American Food & Music Festival hosted by Food Network’s Bobby Flay. While Serious Eats’ founder Ed Levine envisioned the nation’s best food aplenty, the festival was a serious bust. Food was nowhere to be seen, and [...]

Comment on the Comments on the NYT Diner's Journal Blog

This weekend on the Diner's Journal blog, Frank Bruni blogged about the Obamas dining at Blue Hill, saying that their choice of restaurant showed "taste" and "affirms their interest in participating in the current conversation and in the cultural moment."
But he couldn't help himself, taking a potshot at GWB (joking that he and Laura would [...]

Grocery Shoplifting Story Starts Commenter Shitstorm

Yesterday, Gothamist posted an interview with a Whole Foods shoplifter that got linked to from everywhere. Serious Eats wrote a quick post about it, and the normally cuddly commenters completely lost it, unleashing a fury as never seen before.
Nearly every other comment in the post was written in a tizzy of shock and anger that [...]

Ruhlman Complains About 'Irrational' Allergies, Starts Commenter Shitstorm

Michael Ruhlman, who himself is deathly allergic to nuts, rants about people's "fake" allergies, claiming they "stem from ignorance and fear and a generally food-neurotic culture," and calling all of us "a nation of culinary sissies":
What causes this irrational and senseless belief that our bodies react violently to any number of fruits and vegetables and [...]

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