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Sandra Lee's Nintendo Wii Commercial [video, wtf-xmas]

In this commercial with Sandra Lee shilling for the Nintendo Wii, she says: "The party's in the living room, so I've got my easy-to-make spicy fries and yummy caramel corn for a hungry crew ready for some fun. We love Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort games. Fun to play and fun to watch."
And we just [...]

Kim Kardashian in Improbable Salad Porn, Courtesy of Carl's Jr. [video]

Burger porn is too easy. Been there, done that. So very 2009. Leave it to Carl's Jr. to hyper-sexualize... a salad. With the help of Kim Kardashian writhing around, barely clothed, on a bed and, not clothed at all, in a bubble bath, eating various ostensibly healthful ingredients. (Specifically: an apple slice dipped in a [...]

McRib Commercial 1989 [caption contest]

As if the visuals weren't creepy enough, the voiceover on this McDonald's McRib commercial from 1989 says: "A big slice of pork in a sassy sauce, tempting huh? Like a barbecue in a bun without the bones. And with a big icy Coke, well, you're only human, huh daddy? CHOMP."
We're doing a caption contest on [...]

Hot Octogenarian-on-Ice-Cream Action

This commercial features a older women salaciously digging into ice cream cones in slow motion, and right at the end, up comes text that reads, "Vanilla is the most erotic scent to older men" and Science World's logo with the tagline: “We can explain." Because it's a promo for the hands-on science center Science [...]

Thanksgiving Version of the Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream and Cake Commercial [video]

Here's the Thanksgiving-ized version of the "Ice Cream and Cake" commercial for Baskin-Robbins that's equally as brain-drilling as the original. Featuring pilgrims, Indians, and a turkey dancing on top of a turkey cake. People don't eat ice cream cakes on Thanksgiving, do they?

The Commercials Miracle Whip Aired During The Colbert Report [video]

In response to Stephen Colbert's merciless mocking of their campaign, on Thursday Miracle Whip ran newspaper ads threatening to "dominate the airspace" on his show to expose his viewers to "hardcore Miracle Whip attitude and revelry."
And indeed they did! During Thursday night's episode of The Colbert Report, Miracle Whip ran three new commercials that reworked [...]

Mr. T Uses Hidden Cameras to Correct Rudeness in Bizarre Snickers Commercials [videos]

There's a new Snickers campaign in the UK featuring Mr. T in which the A-Team star implores British youth to quit being so rude and "get some nuts." In the commercials, "Mr. T CTV" cameras film teenagers being obnoxious in a variety of ways, who are then admonished over loudspeaker by Mr. T, hidden in [...]

Giant Tomato Vine Growing up the Sears/Willis Tower [video]

Here's a time-lapse video of a giant tomato plant growing on the Sears/Willis Tower in Chicago in which the tomatoes turn into cans of Red Gold tomatoes. A sneaky viral non-commercial! It's worth checking out the larger HD version.

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