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1969 IHOP Commercial

This commercial for IHOP from 1969 nails the period down: Psychedelic synthesizers, a family with balloons (a lot of balloons) running in a field, a high-pitched Alvin voice singing the jingle... What did they do with their balloons while they ate? Where can one find such a glorious chicken dish? What was served inside that [...]

Animated Infographic Commercial for Little Bites Muffins

This lovely commercial for Little Bites Muffins (prepackaged muffin tops) out of Australia uses a retro-ish infographic style and even takes digs at America: "Every year, muffins have been getting bigger and bigger. Over in America, muffin enlargement have even further gone out of control. Here at the Ministry of Muffins, studies show people really [...]

Fiji Meat Man [video]

Fijian butchers and meat packers sure are a happy lot, or so this commercial that supposedly appears on rented videos in Fiji would have us believe. Seemingly designed to attract employees to Fiji Meats Ltd, the Fiji Meat Man wants you to know "I'm proud of my job, I do what I can, the country [...]

Junk Food Industry Ad Decries NYC Nanny State

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The Center for Consumer Freedom, an advocacy group funded by food corporations, released this ad decrying the New York City Department of Health's attitude towards junk food by asking "When did the Big Apple become Big Brother?" It's largely in response to the New York City DOH's recent demonizing of sugary drinks by running [...]

The Honeycomb Hideout Commercials for Honeycomb Cereal, 1974-2006 [videos]

Commercials from the 80s, especially commercials for children, tended to be a little insane. Take, for example, the Honeycomb Hideout commercials for Honeycomb cereal. Each commercial goes like this: a bunch of children (and in the later commercials, a cereal robot) are hanging out in a shack in the woods. All of a sudden, some [...]

Bud Light's Grooler Combines a Grill and a Cooler [video]

During Sunday NFL games, Bud Light has been running a series of "Tailgate Approved" parody infomercials for a bunch of seemingly-fake products including the Foozie, a combo foam hand / beer coozie, and the Tailgate Companion, a jacket for a dog with sleeves to hold beers and condiments. But you can, in fact, buy [...]

Bud Light Lime's 'In the Can' Commercial [video]

Here's a new commercial for Bud Light Lime by Omnicom Group’s DDB Chicago. "I never thought I'd enjoy getting it in the can as much as I do. I was wrong," says a suburban housewife. "I gave it to my boss in the can," says a working stiff. Nothing like innuendo about anal sex to [...]

Japanese Commercial for Vegetable Juice [video]

But apparently this is how they advertise vegetable juice in Japan. Catchy song!
The English translations maybe need a little work: "Come on drink this. / You like vegetable juice, don't you? / I've decided that you must, right now! / So drink up, my vegetable juice / costs 200 yen."

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